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Now available to view online! Please click here to view our current stock of Hair-on Cow Hide Rugs.  

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Reindeer Hides also available here.

Reindeer Hides

Our 2016 Highland Wear brochure is available to view online. Please click the red button on the right. 

Cow Hides


Leather Merchants

J. Wood Leathers Ltd is quality leather supplier and leather merchant. We also design, manufacture and supply our own unique range of superior Scottish Traditional Highland Leather Products.

Our principle business as a wholesale leather merchant is to supply leather hides and skins to trades, to businesses and to individuals - basically anybody who wants to buy leather hide to make an article. We:

  • Supply one or a number of leather skins on a one off basis
  • Stock leather for continuous supply to our regular customers
  • Stock leather cowhides, and leather hides from other animals
  • Source leather from all over the world
  • Can match up colours and quality of hides
  • Offer a cutting facility for simple straps or more complicated panels
  • Source the metalwork to supplement leather components
  • If requested, send out samples within 24 hours.

Our website is designed to illustrate the wide variety of uses for leather, and the types of leather suited for each use. Leather varies by its grade, thickness, finish, colour and animal source - our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are here to help you source the right leather for your project. We have over 25 years experience in the leather trade so buy from us with confidence, please call 01535 655111 for help with your leather selection.



Highland Dress Suppliers

  • Sporan
  • Sporan
  • Sporan
  • Sporan

In more recent years we have began to expand into the Highland Wear Trade. We are now established as a manufacturer and supplier of Scottish Highland Leather products to the trade, and have built up an extensive catalogue of items including: kilt belts, belt buckles, kilt pins, kilt straps, garters, hangers, sgian dubhs and much more, all of which are available from stock.

As well as providing the highland trade with our regular products we also offer a custom service. This offers you the chance to create your own exclusive and bespoke brand within the vast highland trade. If you have a logo, emblem or particular image that is particular to your business then we can incorporate that into kilt pins, cantles, sgian dubhs, almost anything you want.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our highland products, or if you wish to order, please don't hesitate to call us on 01535 655111. Or you can email us using the contact us page.



A few example of uses for leather hide: archery, artificial limbs, belts, bondage, briefcases, book binding, braces ends, bus pass covers, diaries, cheque book covers, corset parts, calendar covers, clothing, clogs, car upholstery, dog leads and collars, desk top leather, elbow and shoulder patches, falconry, gun cases, glasses cases, holsters, handbags, hot air balloons, instrument cases, industrial washers, kilt straps, lacing and thongs, music cases, martindales, motor cycle wear, motor cycle accessories, moccasins, marine rope covers, rocking horses, sports bags, school satchels, shoe repairs, shoe manufacturers, saddlery and harnesses, sporran manufacturers, tobacco pouches, walking boots, work boots, western wear. Buy leather from J Wood Leathers Ltd.

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